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Monday, 22 October 2012

Alvin and Vivian Videos in Sumptuous Blog

Alvin and Vivian Videos in Sumptuous Blog. What would you think if your bad deeds are consumed by the public. Are you embarrassed or proud of what you did. For example just like breaking news from neighboring countries, the case of Video Alvin and Vivian in Sumptuous Blog. Crowds began accessing the Internet for Alvin and Vivian Videos in Sumptuous Blog. Despite condemnation and protest over their blog, lovers from Malaysia did not flinch. Both refused to apologize to the public and said he did not give up the deed was considered obscene.

Through the duration of 9 minutes video they upload to YouTube, students pair Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee gave some answers posed to them. These questions appeared on the internet after their blog called 'Sumptuous Erotiicka' and became widespread public debate. "(So sorry) It never crossed my mind. Why should I apologize? Because it has hurt the feelings of your sensitive and delicate? Alternatively, for violating moral norms that you hold close, but not by me?" Alvin said in the video, as reported by The Star, Friday (19/10/2012).

"So, no, I will never apologize to the public," said 24-year-old boy. "Impossible," said the lover, Vivian (23). Unlike the videos and pictures they upload previously, in this video they appear in full dress. Alvin college majoring in law at universities in Singapore, the National University of Singapore (NUS), the admitted his life changed for the better after they discussed many blogs and even some media.

"We really appreciate the media attention. Because before, not many people care about what we do or what we say, but it seems a lot of people who care about each thing we do, or at least in a while, and it was very good, "said Alvin. "We did not want to run away from the spotlight. 

We want to learn to feel comfortable with controversy and learn how to handle the media attention," he added. Furthermore, Alvin also expressed their intention to continue this immoral activity. "Just a matter of time. We probably will not continue in the near future ... (or) re-released our photos soon: we'll try to find more subtle ways to distribute our photos in the future," he explained. Given that Alvin and Vivian studying in Singapore, but now they are in the middle of their hometown in Malaysia. In January 2013, Alvin will return to Singapore to finish his education. 

While Vivian himself had completed college with a major in business and is currently seek a job. In his YouTube channel, Alvin also known as a pianist and guitarist. This lovers in a relationship after meeting via Facebook and a few moments later agreed to post their nasty pictures. 

But when the photos they post on Facebook is blocked by the site manager, they decided to open a blog last September, both posted some photos and videos and obscene to the blog. But since the case came to light, blog has been closed. so the next time you hear the news about the Alvin and Vivian Videos in Sumptuous Blog you should not imitate their actions. They did not have a brain and do not ever think that their behavior was like an animal. only natural that many people who criticized their actions. And you have to be wise and do not ever look or download Alvin and Vivian Videos in Sumptuous Blog on Search Engines. Due to obscene videos can be destructive to our morals.
Alvin and Vivian Videos in Sumptuous Blog

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