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Download Upin & Ipin - GENG : Pengembaraan Bermula. Child-made Animated Film its Arab country is its own admiration contain elements in the eyes that watch it. These two brothers, twins Lark always just made knot smile into laughter out loud because their existing kekocakan-existing only. Prime series Upin and Ipin was aired on TV9 (Channel), then in Indonesia alone in displaying on Idul fitri last year in the glass Screen at the time of Ramadan TPI.

In the middle of the large number of animated films of Hollywood, Upin and Ipin are present in the form of a Movie that aired in cinemas. Local Asian characters drawn from various ethnic groups in Malaysia, the Malay and Chinese, as shown in the film. There are also scenes of everyday life that are so typical of Asia starting from playing marbles to await windfall.

Free Download Upin & Ipin - GENG : Pengembaraan Bermula

The Film "GENG : Pengembaraan Bermula" tells the story of disquiet of Kampung Durian collapsed with the presence of the beast that roamed at night.

Nobody dare to find out and then came the two youth towns, Badrol and Lim. Both then friendly with local children. Both are accidentally swept up into an adventure in the Woods full of dangerous animals, including a giant snake. The presence of two notable twins, Ipin dan Upin, with delinquency typical children add to the greget film.

The Film will be released in Indonesia on September 16, which then it is rendered by the graduates of the University of Multi Media Malaysia. In Malaysia, with the cost of production of 1.1 million United States dollars or about Rp 11 billion was entered the box office. This work was scooped up ticket sales worth 6.3 million ringgit or nearly Usd 16 billion and grab the Best Viewer Awards Kidfest. For friends who want to download it for free, here I provide the link. Please Download Upin & Ipin - GENG : Pengembaraan Bermula, to preferably buy the DVD of the original course to there own satisfaction in as good picture quality.

Free Download Upin & Ipin - GENG : Pengembaraan Bermula
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