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Who the hell are not familiar with a new animated movie event on television Upin Ipin derived from Malaysia which features Upin Ipin favorite twin brother.
Upin Ipin animated film is quite popular in Indonesia, almost all the people already in the know and like with this animated film, ranging from children, teens until their parents. Already this year the film Tv Upin Ipin present in Indonesia, and it sounds no Upin Ipin latest sequel to 2011.

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Upin Ipin after success with "Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula", Les' Copaque back to make another animated film with the title "Upin and Ipin: Space", Upin and Ipin. Upin Ipin latest animated film tells the story of two brothers and their friends who will hold a school trip to the National Planetarium. There they met an alien from another galaxy, and decided to follow the alien into space. It is then they begin to experience their new adventure in outer space.

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